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Der Herr Bespoke Tailor was founded by Mr. Roger in 1952. Post his studies, at a very young age, Roger’s passion for fabrics and men’s clothing led him directly in the path of servicing & styling custom made clothing for the Gentleman. Hence the name “Der Herr” originates from the word “The Gentleman” in German where Der Herr’s first ever store was established.

In the mid 1960’s Roger decided to relocate from Stuttgart, Germany to Bangkok, Thailand. This decision was taken when Roger saw an opportunity to service bespoke clothing for the American Generals and Colonels who were deployed to bangkok to petrol things on the outskirts of Vietnam, during the 2nd World War. This saw Der Herr open up its store in the heart of Bangkok at Grace Hotel, Sukhumvit Soi 3.

Post the war, Der Herr was able to grow even further in brand recognition and a diversified customer base. In the mid 80’s Der Herr hosted its first overseas Trunk Shows in Zurich, Switzerland. And soon after, into many other countries with orders from Germany, Netherlands, Australia, Singapore and the United Kingdom to name a few. We also accommodated any cities in close proximity through requested appointments prior to scheduled dates of travel.

After 40+ successful and memorable years at Grace Hotel in Sukhumvit Soi 3, Der Herr had decided to modernize its showroom as a stand alone showroom in Sukhumvit Soi 8. As Roger is now in his late 70’s, having dedicated his career to bespoke tailoring and building Der Herr, his son Steve with decades of experience, leads the business forwards. Steve along with the team at Der Herr has since continued his Father’s legacy and the art of Bespoke tailoring at Der Herr.

With a strong family heritage in the clothing and fabric industry, Roger’s grandson Karan joined the business to become the third generation moving Der Herr forwards. His strong interests and passion in modern styles and fashion trends provides our customer base with an even greater dynamic in style consultancy of the modern and classics of fine bespoke tailoring.

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