At Der Herr we stock a dynamic variety of fabrics from superfine blends to luxury woolen branded fabrics from top textile mills in Europe, USA, Australia.

Providing our customers latest collections, value and styles of timeless fashion through our hand selected fabric choices.

Below are some fabrics we showcase, with the majority at our flagship store.

Dolcevita is an Italian worsted wool Fabric by Vitale Barberis Canonico, a woollen mill renown for its superior quality and style of textiles. The fineness of the fibre creates a superb tactile experience, combining aesthetics with performance along with its resistant and durable properties that make the cloth perfect to wear all year round in business and formal occasions.

Luciano is a quality Italian wool rich bordeaux jacketing fabric. It gives an aura of a relaxed feel to its design and fabric choices. The properties of this cloth are extremely comfortable, breathable and durable, checking off all aspects of a top fabric. It is also suitable to wear year round.

Cavani is an Australian pure wool that is soft, breathable and environmental sustainable with its construction composing all natural fibres. Cavani’s fine quality and unmatched style offers a positive environmental impact whilst also providing the modern age with a wide range of luxurious bespoke fabrics. A great fabric choice ideal for spring and summer.

Key Checklist For Quality Fabric Performance


Fabric must be able to transmit moisture vapor through the material. Fabric Breathability allows the fabric to be adaptable in all hot climates.


Natural fibres are closely and tightly woven together with no uneven weaves or unusual creases / stretching in the corners. This ensures the fabric is durable and resilient with a nice drape.


The overall comfort and feeling when wearing your garment, even at the most sensitive parts of your skin.

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