Step 1 : Visiting Our Store

Customers with an appointment in the radius of 10km from our store can be arranged a pick-up on request. Customers without a booking are equally as welcome! If your stay in Bangkok is for less than a week, do let our team know and we can either mail it to you or suggest other alternative solutions.

Step 2 : Selecting Fabrics

We stock a range of quality fabrics with countless designs and patterns to choose from. After finalizing the selection of fabrics, our team will discuss styles of cutting and customizations before proceeding to take your measurements.

If you are an existing customer we will evaluate to see if there are any changes to your previous measurements taken. This stage concludes the first visit and a deposit is collected.

Step 3 : First Fitting

Within 2 working days, your first fitting of the garment will be ready. This is a raw version of the final craft, where your garment is constructed for adjustability. Clients try on the garment whilst our tailors fine-tune adjustments and mark out details for the second fitting.

Step 4 : Second Fitting

The second fitting is a much closer version of the garment to the final fit based on the detailed adjustments and alterations from the first fitting. At this stage, our tailors are meticulous about fine-tuning any minimal details to perfect the fitting.

Step 5 : The Finale

Before your arrival, our QC team will ensure a thorough inspection on all your garments to ensure a flawless finish. On your arrival to our store, your personalized garment will be presented to you for a rehearsal before you rock it wherever you wear it. We will then package the garments for you and collect the remainig balance.

If you prefer to have your garments mailed to your home address overseas due to an early departure from bangkok we can arrange for mailing service.

For Trunk Show

Step 1 : Book Your Appointment

Book your appointment for a chance to visit us in your city! Bookings can be made through our trunk-show form or contact us via Email or Whatsapp. A confirmation ticket will proceed to your email for booking confirmation details if you have filled in a booking form and our team will be in-touch with you promptly.

Step 2 : View Fabrics & Style Book

Steve will welcome clients from the hotel lobby to our hosting suite. With multiple suit cases packed with fabrics and style guides, we offer our clients a dynamic range of our latest collections. We will then have a conversation about details and style of the garment.

Step 3 : Taking Measurements

Steve takes measurements with a meticulous eye for detail and precision to ensure the best possible construction of your garments along with understanding your body structure and requirements during the process. At this stage we will collect your card details but not charge any transaction.

Step 4 : Construction at Der Herr Bangkok

The garment will be hand-crafted by our exceptionally experienced tailors, followed by a thorough quality check by our QC team to ensure a flawless construction.

Step 5 : Package & Mailing To Your Address

The garment will be mailed to our clients address and a charge will be made to your card. We will be in-touch during the entire process with timely updates!

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