Bespoke Tuxedo

A Tuxedo is a formal outfit and reserved to be worn only during the evenings.

Be it a wedding celebration, gala dinner or ‘black-tie’ dress code, a tuxedo is the go to outfit for festives to showcase your debonair and class with a dapper tux.

2 Fittings sessions are a standard requirement for perfecting the detail and alterations to your Tuxedo.

The full construction of your bespoke tuxedo takes up to 7-9 working days.

For requests of a sooner timeframe, contact us or leave a note in your booking form.

Look Dapper In Your Tux


The classic tuxedo look features a black single-breasted with one closing button, peaked lapels and no rear vents, with a black bow.


Whilst it is important to have the classic, festive celebrations are moments to showcase your style & fashion.


Select From A Fine Collection Of Fabrics

At Der Herr we offer a variety of fabrics from quality mills around the world. Every fabric is hand-picked and quality checked for its durability, comfort and performance to name a few factors. From standard options to elegant branded fabrics, we offer you a great value for every price point. Specific to your requirements and garment of choice, our team and stylists will recommend you suitable options.

Design A Class Tuxedo

We have incredible style catalogs from classy to funky tuxedo wears to be inspired from. Look dapper and outstanding at any festive event… and whilst people are going to stare, make it worth their while. 

Personalize Your Tuxedo

Traditional tuxedos usually feature a full satin or trimmed satin lapels and satin buttons. The lapel should match the jacket and pant, which has a satin stripe down each leg.


Cummerbund, as seen from the image below is a traditional tux look,  fashionable at events like an opera. In today’s modern fashion we recommend a vest or simply a classic 2-piece tux. For anyone that thinks a 2-piece allures the style of a tux. 

Think Bond. James Bond.


Bemberg or Cupro linings are featured in all our tuxedos. They provide an immense feeling of hand-felt softness, a luxurious touch and  breathability to your tux.


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