Bespoke Suits

 A Bespoke Suit Speaks For Itself.

From the selection of fabrics, to the fitting and level of detail in craft, it is an investment that personifies a true Gentleman.

2 Fittings sessions are a standard requirement for perfecting the detail and alterations to your Suit.

Find Out More: Bespoke Process

The full construction of your bespoke suit takes up to 7-9 working days

 For requests of a sooner timeframe, contact us or leave a note in your booking form.

Compliment Your Class With Style

Tailored to your vision.

Formal Suit

Semi – Casual / Casual Suit

Office Suit

Wedding Suit

Double Breasted     Three Piece Suit

Select From A Fine Collection Of Fabrics

At Der Herr we offer a variety of fabrics from quality mills around the world. Every fabric is hand-picked and quality checked for its durability, comfort and performance to name a few factors. From standard options to elegant branded fabrics, we offer you a great value for every price point. Specific to your requirements and garment of choice, our team and stylists will recommend you suitable options.

What A Suit Speaks

Just like a well tailored suit flares to be noticed, the reverse first impression is given with a suit that fits odd, loose or tight.

Personalize Your Suit

Notch Lapel: The notch lapel is a classic and suitable for any occasion from smart casual to formal business wear.

Peak Lapel: Recognized by the peak edges pointing the shoulder upwards. This lapel gives a sense of power and authority in the suit.

Shawl Lapel: Typically adjusted to a tuxedo look or for formal high end events, with the lapel fabric being satin.

Pick Stitching: Another fine hallmark that communicates a high quality custom made suit.


Surgeon Cuff: The hallmark of a quality hand-crafted suit, not found on off the racks. It accentuates an elegant style with details on the button-hole, with the last button of the suit unbuttoned or having contrasting colors. A true sartorial heritage to men’s fashion.

Buttons: From Horn, Wood, Metal, Resin select what type of button you prefer for your suit/blazer.

Bemberg is the inner lining made from cotton. It is anti-static and gives a great feeling of comfort and personalized style inside your jacket.

The composition being a natural fibre gives it the ability to wick sweat and humidity away from the body.

Select from a wide range of lining choices we have from classics to funky!

Suit pockets come in 3 main types and are selected based on style and formality of your suit.

Flap Pocket

Patch Pocket

Jetted Pocket



Add a monogram by labeling your initials or name to trademark your personalized suit.