Best Shirt Tailor in Bangkok

Dress shirts are the staple piece to every man’s wardrobe.

Whether it is formal business outfits or button down casual shirts. 

Having your shirt bespoke, allows you to choose the type of fit you want on your shirt that best suits your body.

Whilst you can also customize your dress shirt with styles.

At least 1 fitting session, especially for a new client is advisable to ensure the fitting is perfect for you.

The full production of your bespoke shirt takes up to 2-4 working days.

For requests of a sooner timeframe, contact us or leave a note in your booking form.

Limitless Prints & Style Options

We stay inspired with modern fashion, offering high quality fabrics & style customizations, for formal and casual shirts.


Office Shirts
Formal Suit Shirts
Casual Shirts
Summer Shirts
Tuxedo / Party Shirts

Select From A Fine Collection Of Fabrics

At Der Herr we offer a variety of different fabrics classified by their weaves, weight and quality of yarn to name a few factors. Every fabric we stock is hand-picked and delivers high performance in whichever climate it is best suited for. From superfine blends to some of the finest branded wool, linen, silk & cotton produced in top textile mills across Italy and Europe, there is an option for you to select from at various price points. Our knowledgeable team will guide you to selecting the best fabric choice for your purpose. 

Personalize Your Shirt

Select from a range of cuff styles for your dress shirts. From french cuffs to 2 or 3 button round, angled cuffs we have the full variety for you to personalize your shirt.


The details in lining are a great personalization and style option for your shirts.

Select your collar style from a vide variety of options depending on formality.


Adding a monogram to your shirt gives it a more personalized feel and  makes clear that is tailored for you.

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