Bespoke Shirts

A well fitted shirt can accentuate your confidence, when you walk in to a room.

From office wear during the day to the fundamental base of an evening outfit.

Get your custom tailored shirt with perfect sizing, an appropriate fit and high quality light-weight fabric choices that are breathable and guarentee longevity

2 Fittings sessions are a standard requirement for perfecting the craft of your Shirt.

The full construction of your bespoke shirt takes up to 2-4 working days.

For requests of a sooner timeframe, contact us or leave a note in your booking form.

We will revert back if it is feasible and does not compensate with quality standards.

Limitless Prints & Style Options

With fashion moving constantly, we stay inspired with modern trends, selection of styles, colors and prints for all occasion custom tailored shirts:

Office Shirts

Formal Suit Shirts

Casual Shirts

Summer Shirts

Tuxedo / Party Shirts

Select From A Fine Collection Of Fabrics

At Der Herr we offer a variety of fabrics from quality mills around the world. Every fabric is hand-picked and quality checked for its durability, comfort and performance to name a few factors. From standard options to elegant branded fabrics, we offer you a great value for every price point. Specific to your requirements and garment of choice, our team and stylists will recommend you suitable options.

 Off the peg vs Bespoke

An off the peg shirt is designed for the mass market. All aspects of the shirt will be cut to a standard size.  (S – M – L).  Decent, but not a flattering fitting.  

 Bespoke crafted shirts are hand-crafted through a process of measurements, fittings, fabric selection, style and design of your choice.

Higher quality in fabric and fit, for little difference in pricing and a better value.

Personalize Your Own Shirt

The details in sleeve is super important to the overall look and drape. Our experienced tailors are exceptional in getting your measurements to perfection and exact length.


 A shirt collar that fits incorrectly does not just create uncomfortablility but also kills the style.

Our tailors are experienced in taking your detailed measurements to avoid irregular fitting which can give you multiple chins or deform/crinkle if worn as a dress shirt collar with a tie.


Button down for a more casual look or button up (spread collar) for a formal ocassion…

Select from a vareity of scratch-resistant quality button materials for your shirt, such as the corrozo button, one of the finest and most naturally durable button materials.



Add a monogram by personalizing and labeling your initials to trademark your Shirt.


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