Bespoke Overcoat

Overcoats are worn as the outermost layer to a suit jacket, turtle neck or casual wear.

More than its benefit of being a garment to sustain warmth, overcoats accentuate your Dress and Style…

2 Fittings sessions are a standard requirement for perfecting the detail and alterations to your Overcoat.

The full construction of your bespoke overcoat takes up to 7-9 working days

 For requests of a sooner timeframe, contact us or leave a note in your booking form.

We will revert back if it is feasible and does not compensate with quality standards.

Overcoat Design & Styles

Nehru Collar – Stylish fashion for weddings, festivals. Shorter in length

Covert Coat – Typical knee height, rain resistant

Cashmere Overcoat Double Breasted – Soft, light-weight, luxurious

Over Coat Double Breasted Flannel Twill –Worn over jacket in cooler climates



Select From A Fine Collection Of Fabrics

At Der Herr we offer a variety of fabrics from quality mills around the world. Every fabric is hand-picked and quality checked for its durability, comfort and performance to name a few factors. From standard options to elegant branded fabrics, we offer you a great value for every price point. Specific to your requirements and garment of choice, our team and stylists will recommend you suitable options.

‘What You Should Consider For Your Overcoat’


3 important factors to consider when ordering a bespoke overcoat, are Fabric, Cut & Style.

An overcoat can be an almost every day choice of dress for any season, hence it is important to contextualize it with your wardrobe options.

Worn as the outer-layer of a suit or as a three-piece, the overcoats fabric, cut and style should accommodate comfort and a refined elegant style with its complimentary garments.

Personalize Your Overcoat

Depending on the length of your coat select types of overcoat buttons, and its arrangements (ie; 3 button single breasted or 6 button double breasted are the most common).

Notch Lapel: Standard Classic Option

Peak Lapel: The go to option for double breasted

Shawl Lapel: The least common option that can impose a statement

If in doubt the standard option is the notch lapel.


Overcoats can have either single or double vents. A single vent will cut straight down the middle, whilst a double vent will have two vents, each side of the stream.



Pocket styles vary from Flap, Patch and Jetted pockets being the most common, with the Jetted pocket most formal of the 3.

Patch and Flap pocket styles are recommended for a casual overcoat look.


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